How to get there?

Public transport

From main railway station Szczecin Główny

After leaving through main entrance of main railway station you’ll see Dworzec Główny tram stop located just behind pedestrian crossing. You should be looking after line 3 tram going to Las Arkoński. For this ride you will need 30 minutes ticket for 3,00 PLN (1,50 PLN if you are a student).

Dworzec Główny tram stop

From bus station

Going from bus station, you should head to Tobrucki Square and tram stop with the same name. You need to get line 3 tram going to Las Arkoński. For this trip you will need 30 minutes ticket for 3,00 PLN (1,50 PLN if you are a student).

From other places in Szczecin

The stop by the Technopark Pomerania is used not only by tram line 3 going between Pomorzany and Las Arkoński, but also line 10 that goes between Gumieńce and Las Arkoński.

For those who like walking where above options are not optimal, there are alternatives. Bus line 80 going between Zakłady Piekarnicze and Ludowa uses stop Wszystkich Świętych, and you can use bus lines 60 (Stocznia Szczecińska – Cukrowa) and 53 (Stocznia Szczecińska – Pomorzany Dobrzyńska) to get to Teatr Letni bus stop.

Stop and way to the building

Go-to stop is Niemierzyńska Technopark, to which tram should arrive in 20 minutes if you go from Dworzec Główny and 18 minutes from Plac Tobrucki. Stop is located in front of Technopark Pomerania’s F1 building. You should go around the left side of this building and go along Cyfrowa street. After passing by playing field you will arrive in front of F2 building.

Niemierzyńska Technopark tram stop

Things that will help you with public transport

Jakdojade will be very useful in planning your trip with public transport in town – it has web version and mobile applications. We would advise not to use Google Maps, as it can sometimes suggest some crazy routes.

Most important stops in town have interactive boards installed where closest departs (with time to wait and information about ticket machine) are displayed. This system works also in web, where you can check map of stops and vehicles – although not every public transportation vehicle in town has geolocalisation system installed.

Interactive stop board. Card icon is shown if mobile ticket machine accepts cards, card and coins is for version of it that accepts both cards and cash (in coins). If there is no icon, this means that vehicle lacks ticket machine.

How to buy public transport ticket

Mobile applications

Public transport tickets can be bought through applications as SkyCash, moBILET and Mobile City Card. If you don’t want to install an app, we have web system of

Ticket machines

In Szczecin we have mobile and stationary ticket machines. Stationary ones are available in many places in town and one of them is placed by the Dworzec Główny tram stop. All stationary ticket machines accept cash (both coins and bill) and cards. This ticket needs to be validated in vehicle.

Stationary ticket machine by Dworzec Główny stop

Additionally some of the public transportation’s vehicles have numerous variations of mobile ticket machines installed. You can check if and which one of them is installed by looking at interactive stop board or sticker on vehicle’s door. Stickers are placed on door that lead directly to ticket machine. You can find ticket machines that accept only cash (coins) or coins, or both. Printed ticket is validated by the machine and there is no need to do this by yourself.

Sticker on door of vehicle that informs passengers that behind them is mobile ticket machine accepting both cards and coins.

You can also buy ticket from the driver with previously deducted money, but only on special occasions: when mobile ticket machine is broken or when there is no ticket machine, but in this case only when you want to make a purchase on weekdays between 22:00 – 6:00 or on public holidays

Private selling points

Tickets can be bought in most of newsstands and newsagents. You can also buy ticket in ZDiTM ticket offices.



There is no problem to get here by car. There is free parking in front of F4 building, which is less than 100 meters from F2. As our tournament is held on Saturday, there will be plenty of space for everyone.

By walking

If you just can’t resist visiting our beautiful town and get some tasty distance through Adventure Sync feature, you are for a treat – route from Main Railway Station to our tournament’s location is more than 4 kilometres of walking distance through the center of Szczecin.

Quick scooters in Szczecin

City bike

We have Bike_S Szczeciński Rower Miejski from Nextbike Polska S.A. One of their station is in front of Technopark Pomerania’s F1 building, so everyone interested can go by bike. Those arriving at Main Railway Station would be interested in city bike station on Tobrucki Square. This route can be rode using first 20 free minutes of ride.


To go through town you can also ride using electric scooters. Rent service is served by Quick, Cabbi, and Volt.