Attractions during the event

Near Technopark Pomerania

Next to Technopark Pomerania there is Jacek Karpiński’s park, which was renovated two years ago. On area of 3,2 ha you can find children’s playground, outdoor gym and some benches. For trainers there are two PokéStops waiting to be spun.

On the other side of street you can visit Stefan Kownas’ dendrological garden. In this park contained on area of 15,5 h, besides playground and outdoor gym, there is a playing field and dog run. Trainers would be interested in Pokémon nest, 7 PokéStops and a Gym.

Memorial of Stefan Kownas in dendrological garden of his name

On the grounds of Technopark Pomerania

Two PokéStops and one Gym are located in the vicinity of F1 buildng. In front of F2 biulding you can make use of benches to relax and get some fresh air.

During the tournament

The list of attractions will be announced at a later date. Stay tuned!